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What To Expect From A Basement Renovation Inspection

The time has come for you to begin your basement renovation preparations, but your basement is unfinished and in it’s “raw” state. First things first, you’ll need to obtain the expertise of a professional contractor to help you inspect all the components of your basement. A professional basement renovation contractor will be able to help you spot any foundational or structural issues before beginning your basement remodelling. Things you should be keeping an eye out for are cracks and a level floor.

Electrical Inspection by a Certified Electrician

Once you have your foundational and structural components inspected and have been reassured that everything is in sound condition, you can proceed with an electrical inspection. In Toronto or Markham, inspections can be provided by a city inspector or you can hire a certified electrician to produce the inspection report. Electricians will help you assess the current state of your electrical wiring in the basement before you proceed with any design/electrical plans. To learn more about the requirements of your city and where to find a licensed electrician, use the links below.

  1. Markham
  2. Toronto
  3. Richmond Hill
  4. Vaughan
  5. Mississauga

Scarborough Bathroom RenovationPlumbing Inspection by a Certified & Licensed Plumber

The next step in your inspection should be plumbing. Plumbing includes any piping or hot water tanks that exist in your basement. A basement renovation expert can help you find a licensed plumber and can communicate with them about the plans for bathrooms, water heaters & HVAC systems.

Permits & Licenses

If you plan on adding a separate entrance to your basement or want to make some structural changes to your existing home, a permit will be required from your city. In Toronto, you will need certificates or permits for any electrical or plumbing work as well. You should also expect to receive a certificate from the Hydro/Gas company that will come by and tag your gas lines.

Getting Help From A Professional Basement Renovation Contractor

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