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Things To Consider Before Beginning Your Basement Renovation

Things To Consider Before Beginning Your Basement Renovation

So the time has come to bring some life to your basement. Most people use their basement as storage, but a basement can be a very cozy and enjoyable space. When it comes to basement renovations, it is wise to consider a few of these things before you begin.

Basement RenovationStorage Space

Yes, your basement might still be used as a storage space. However, you can have both a hang out space and a storage space if you incorporate them together correctly. There are a few different storage solutions to consider. You may want a custom built, in wall storage unit or a separate room. Depending on the space and budget you’re working with, a in-wall storage unit might be your best choice. At AM Renovations, our experts can help find the perfect storage solution that fits your design, budget and space needs.

Should You Have A Bathroom?

If plumbing allows, a bathroom is a great addition to any basement remodelling. If you’re planning on using the basement as a recreational space, then a bathroom would be ideal. It all depends on how you plan on using the space, then you can consider whether or not to have a bathroom with or without a shower.

Keeping Mechanicals Separate & Tucked Away

From your furnace to your water heater, planning a designated space for these mechanicals is crucial. You’ll need to consider ease of access for technicians, but hidden from view for guests. A private room or closet around these equipment would be a good idea. You’ll also be clearing up the clutter these objects create.

Headroom: How High Should My Basement Ceiling Be?

According to the Ontario Building Code, as a safety & health matter, all basement ceilings are required to be 6 foot 5 inches or higher. ( http://buildingcode.online/1267.html ). The average according to the International Residential Code is 7 feet. But remember, the higher the ceiling, the higher the heating costs for the basement.

Noise Control & Sound Proofing

Sound proofing your basement ceiling is great for adding a little privacy to your new space. Having a sound proofed basement ceiling will prevent the noise of foot steps from floors above transmitting down into the basement. There are several DIY tutorials on how to sound proof your basement, but it is best left to the professionals. AM Renovation has years of experience in basement renovations throughout Markham, Toronto, Vaughan, Richmond Hill, Newmarket and the Greater Toronto Area. Request a no obligation, FREE estimate today.

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