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How Long Does It Take To Construct A Custom Home?

You’ve decided to build a custom home in Toronto, but how long does it take to complete your dream home? When it comes to looking at the time involved in building out custom homes, you’ll need to look at a few different factors. The most important factors to consider are the size of the home, quality of finishes, and how complex the structure will be. In most cases, a very basic home, roughly about ~1800sq can take a little under 6 months to complete from the ground up. So what is step one before you begin your custom home journey?

Plans, Drawings & More Plans

Finding the right contractor and architect can be difficult, but worth the time & effort. You’ll need to find an architect that can take your dreams and turn them into reality through 3D renderings & drawings. They will also need to be able to work with you to complete your permit submissions. Our contractors will also offer a lending hand to help make the process between you, the architect and the city authorities as simple as possible. When drawing out your dream home, both the budget of the project and size of the home should be the first topics visited. To get an idea, visit some other custom built homes within the area to understand what structural changes and designs are being approved by your municipality.

Permits & Permissions from Local Authorities

The entire permit issuance process can range anywhere from 4 months to more than 6 months depending on the complexity of your drawings. The process also includes surveying your property and proceeding through a few committee hearings. Ask your contractor for advice on your designs, as they maybe able to provide guidance to avoid committee hearings and shorten the length of the entire process.

General Thoughts on Custom Home Building Timelines

A very rough estimate, most custom home construction takes 6 months to receive an occupancy permit. Our goal is to complete your home as quickly as possible in order for you and your family to move in. Make sure to have planned out a temporary living area, whether it’s at friends/family homes or long term hotels.

Finding a professional basement renovation contractor

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