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Common bathroom renovation and remodeling costs

Consumer reports says that after the Kitchen, homeowners consider remodeling their bathroom. With a return on investment of more than 60%, it pays to redo the stained bathroom walls and the outdated bathtub for a more contemporary appearance.

Even if you were to ignore the monetary aspect, there’s nothing better for the mind and body, than a place where you can unwind. For most people, the bathroom doubles up as a place of retreat and relaxation.

However, the average cost of bathroom remodeling Seconds the kitchen too. It can be a very expensive choice if you have lavish expectations. According to the Remodeling Magazine’s Cost vs. Value report for 2016, a mid-range bathroom remodel can cost you almost $17,908, depending on where you reside.

If you are a blank slate and do not wish to break the bank, then here’s our guide to the common costs associated with renovating and remodeling the bathroom.


Now that you know what it costs, it is also important to know what is considered mid-range and what constitutes upscale. According to the magazine, a mid-range remodel includes changing your toilet, tub, backsplash, flooring, wallpaper, a double-surface sink and a vanity with some storage options.

A basic bathroom update can cost you as less as $3000 if you are a DIY person. If you decide to hire a general contractor, then the price can go as high as $12000. You can replace fixtures with stock models, get a low-end granite countertop, get ceramic tiles or standard subway tiles for the shower area and paint the surrounding walls. Basic plumbing and lighting fixtures can be included in this price range. If your budget is limited, then a basic remodel is the perfect choice for you. Shop around for deals and you can redo the entire look of your bathroom without hurting the pocket too much.


If you wish to expand the area of the bathroom, then it will escalate the cost of the remodel because it will involve wiring, flooring and plumbing. Apart from the additional material, labor costs will be increased significantly.


You can splurge on fixtures or play smart and opt for a mix of expensive and cost effective ones. If you absolutely want that shower massage jet or a rain shower ceiling, then you can choose a lower-priced toilet. Compromise on the aesthetics where possible and you will keep your budget within limit.


Tiles can be a significant addition to the total costs. To reduce expenses, you can limit the tiles to the shower area and the flooring. If glass tiles mosaic is on your wish list, then use them in accents along with inexpensive porcelain tiles. Running tiles up the wall is not always necessary or pocket-friendly. You can achieve many different types of looks purely with paint too.


Keep the solid-stone countertops for the kitchen and opt for lower priced granite or marble for the bathroom. Opt for a single-sink vanity or choose from a range of pedestal sinks available off-the-shelf.

Set your budget in advance, be creative and flexible with your layout and design and you will easily have a bathroom that is functional, attractive and does not break your bank.


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