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Which to Choose When Remodelling Your Bathroom? Bath or Shower or Both?

Which to Choose When Remodelling Your Bathroom? Bath or Shower or Both?

When it comes to your bathroom renovation, you’re presented with some difficult choices. Do you pick a bath, a stand up shower or a combination of both? Before making that decision, you’ll have to consider some important details about the space you’re renovating.

Considering the size of your bathroom

The size of your bathroom is very important when it comes to choosing the right tub or shower. If you’re facing a small area, a stand-up shower is the better choice. However, if you have a larger space, a combination of both will also work. Remember, a bathtub makes a room look much smaller even if it has proper space.


Generally, a tub is a lot harder to clean than a shower. With the larger area it covers and the material that most tubs are made from, clean up isn’t an easy task. Consider having a shower instead, which allows for much easier clean up. Quick Tip: If you’re considering glass shower doors, keep a handy squeegee nearby. Never wipe down your glass doors with your hands. Use a squeegee to prevent streaks.

Bath only if you take baths!

Considering the above mentioned details, a tub should only be installed if you plan on taking baths. If you’re like most of the working class, then you’re probably in a rush in the mornings to get to work and don’t have much time to take a bath.

Still undecided?

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