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Why You Should Consider Renovating Your Basement

Not many people use the basement space the way they should. They usually dump damaged furniture or old magazines in the basement. But did you know renovating a basement increases the resale value of your property? You can make the most of this free space with the help of a renovation project. Here’s why you … Continued

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Bathroom Renovations: Do’s and Don’ts

Taking up a bathroom renovation project is a hectic and costly task. So, it’s important you should try not to make costly mistakes that can hamper your efforts. Bathroom renovations when done right give the space a new look. Here’s a brief insight into the do’s and don’ts of a bathroom renovation project: The Do’s … Continued

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7 Useful Tips to Carry Out Your Bathroom Renovation Project

Renovating your bathroom may seem a daunting task. But the end results make it worth your efforts. Go for amenities that add value to space as well as reflect your personal choices. Whether you want to design your bathroom or give the existing one a new look, the following tips will help you out: 1.     … Continued

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How Long Does It Take To Construct A Custom Home?

You’ve decided to build a custom home in Toronto, but how long does it take to complete your dream home? When it comes to looking at the time involved in building out custom homes, you’ll need to look at a few different factors. The most important factors to consider are the size of the home, … Continued

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Basement to Rental Apartment Conversions – Are They Worth It?

Not everywhere in North America has the luxury of owning a basement. However, in Toronto, our basements usually get ignored. Many people use their basements as storage or never use them at all. Well, if you’re not making the most of your basement, why not consider transforming it into an apartment which can generate some … Continued

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What To Expect From A Basement Renovation Inspection

The time has come for you to begin your basement renovation preparations, but your basement is unfinished and in it’s “raw” state. First things first, you’ll need to obtain the expertise of a professional contractor to help you inspect all the components of your basement. A professional basement renovation contractor will be able to help … Continued

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Basement Renovation Cost in Toronto, Richmond Hill & Markham

In Richmond Hill & Toronto, the average cost of a basement renovation will vary between $25 to $55 per square feet, but in some cases it can go higher depending on your ideas and requirements. In this post, we’ll breakdown the different expenditures one can expect when planning to remodel the basement. A basement can … Continued

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Popular Bathroom Remodelling Design Trends of 2018

It’s 2018, and the demand for bathroom remodelling hasn’t slowed down. Throughout Toronto & Vaughan, new remodelling projects are popping up at an aggressive pace. What are some of the latest design styles and innovations that our contractors are being presented with? Let’s take a look at some Bathroom Remodelling Trends & Designs in 2018. … Continued

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Renovation or Remodelling: What Makes Them Different?

When it comes to renovations, most people confuse the terms renovation & remodel. In this post, we’ll cover the differences between the two and how you should identify what your project will involve. Once you have a solid understanding about Renovation vs Remodelling, then you can proceed with hiring the right contractor. What is Renovation? … Continued

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