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Bathroom Renovations and Remodelling Ideas to Save Space and Money

There are many individuals that do not pay attention to the design of the bathrooms during the construction of their house. When they notice the mistakes that have been made they have to start looking for bathroom renovation and remodelling services.

In Toronto when people plan to sell their house the first thing they consider is bathroom renovations because they know it will increase the value of their property. However, we all know that people always want some affordable options for remodelling. Here are some tips that might help you out.


Low flow hidden tank toilets

If you are planning to change the tanks of your bathroom go for the low flow hidden tanks because they come with many interesting benefits. You should know that these tanks will help you save a reasonable amount of space in the bathroom. It is available at affordable rate and the tank will consume less water that will help you save on the water bill.

Textured tiles on shower floors

A common issue that many individuals deal with is that they are unable to clean the tile of their bathroom. Soap, shampoo, and debris are always stuck in the tiles which make sit appear unhygienic. Apart from that plain tiles can get slippery due to water flow that can cause some serious injuries. It is important that you should get textured tiles in your custom bathrooms. Your cleaning brush will easily get into the texture of the tiles that will make it easy to clean. You will get a better grip on the floor that will reduce your chances of slipping.

2 inches plumbing

In most of the bathrooms in Vaughan & Richmond Hill the bathrooms have 1.5 inches plumbing.

  • The pipes can easily get clogged with this size
  • A minor bathroom remodeling is that you should get the 2 inches plumbing
  • The pipes will have a wider bore that will allow the debris and water to flow easily
  • You will not have to deal with the plumbing or maintenance cost and it will help you to save a decent amount of money

It is important that you hire a reliable plumber because there are many plumbers who will tell you that you are making a wrong decision. Do not listen to them because they only want to increase their payment.

Tub only if you take baths

Most of the individuals love to have a tub in their bathroom because it makes the interior look luxurious. They do not understand that how much space a tub takes and it will make the bathroom look smaller even if it has proper space. You should only have the tub installed if you like to take a bath in it. Remember that cleaning a tub is not an easy task. Having a shower is a better option because there is nothing to worry about the cleanliness and you can get the same bathing experience as you get in the tub.

Window in shower

A common cause of the unhygienic bathroom is the humidity that stays inside. It will cause the growth of bacteria and moss in the bathroom. As well as you will notice that the walls and floor will be always slimy. It is important that during bathroom renovations process you should get a small window installed in your shower area. When you take a hot water bath, leave the window open so that all the steam and humidity will be removed. Your bathroom will remain fresh and odor free for as long as you like.

Hidden medicine cabinet

One of the most important things that you should have in the bathroom is the hidden medicine cabinet. If you have kids in your home, you cannot keep your secret bathroom accessories like tampons and pads in the bathroom cabinet. Make sure that you have a cabinet behind the mirror or another cabinet that your kids cannot access or know about, in this cabinet you should keep all the important medications as well as some First aid to assure that if someone gets hurt they can use the medication to prevent some serious blood flow or other damages.

Focus on lighting

Most of the bathrooms appear small because they do not have proper lighting. It is important that your bathroom windows should be wide enough to allow the daylight to make the bathroom appear bright during the day. For night you should have proper lights installed especially over the mirror and sink area where you have to get ready. Lighting can be magical because it will make the small bathrooms appear spacious. You can select the LED lights because they are durable and will consume less energy.

Remodel to improve

It is important that when you hire the bathroom renovations service providers you give them the instructions that will make your bathroom appear wider and better. The reason is that if there have been no noticeable improvements in your bathroom you have only wasted your time and money. Some of the changes that you can consider are

  • Resurface or cover the damage instead of replacing
  • Refinish the tub instead of replacement
  • Look for the cost-effective and durable substitute
  • Always pay attention to long-term benefits of items that you are planning to install

There are several bathroom remodeling tasks that you can do on your own so there is no need to hire any services for such kind of tasks. Paint the bathroom yourself and select attractive colors.

Bottom line

There are many bathroom service providers but you have to assure that you select the one that can meet your requirements perfectly. AM Supreme has been working in the field of bathroom renovations and remodeling for many years. They have the experience and expertise that you will find nowhere else. All you have to do is share the changes you would like to have in your custom bathroom and they will give you the best results. All their services are available at most affordable rates.

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