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Bathroom Renovation Tips: Tiles from Floor to Ceiling or Half Tiled?

Bathroom Renovation Tips: Tiles from Floor to Ceiling or Half Tiled?

When it comes to your bathroom renovation, it is unlikely that tiles will not be used. The question comes down to whether or not to fully tile your walls or to half tile them. In this post, we’ll look at the implications of both half tiled walls to fully tiled bathroom walls.

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Fully Tiled Bathroom Wall Installations

If you choose to fully tile your bathroom walls, consider the following installation benefits. Using tiles to fully cover your bathroom walls will save you time and money from having to paint or have skirting boards installed. Since tiles can lay flush all the way down to the floor, you don’t need any extra material to install skirting boards or paint. However, fully tiling your wall has some requirements beforehand. You’ll need to assess your bathroom walls to ensure they’re straight and flat. You should also consider how strong the walls are. Can your walls support tiles? Plaster walls might be okay for skimming, but not necessarily for tiling. Asking a professional Toronto bathroom renovation or remodelling expert such as AM Renovation, to advise on the subject is recommended.

Breaking down the cost of Fully Tiled Bathroom Walls

There are a few things to consider when it comes to bathroom tile costs. For one, choosing very small tiles will increase the installation cost, as they take a longer time to fit. As for material, natural stone or porcelain tiles are on the more expensive side of things and will increase installation costs in some cases, as installers need to be extra careful with the material. Finally, choosing to have border inlays will increase the material & installation costs. At AM Renovation, we provide you with a detailed installation estimate for any bathroom renovation.

Small Bathroom Renovation RenovationHalf Tiled Bathroom Wall Installations

There is no denying that half tiled bathroom walls will save you more money, since you’ll require less material & labour time. Now if you save some money by choosing to go with half tiled bathroom walls, you have the freedom to choose more expensive, feature tiles. This can give your bathroom an extra “WOW” appeal. Remember, tile areas that are more likely to get wet, areas such as near the shower/tub or around the basin.

Now that you have some guide to help you make a decision on your next bathroom renovation, go out and get started. If you need professional bathroom renovation services in Toronto or Markham, AM Renovation is an expert at the trade. With over 15 years in the industry, we have multiple success stories with our clients. Request your free bathroom renovation estimate today and we’ll get back to you with a detailed, no-obligation quote.

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