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Bathroom Renovation & Decoration Checklist

When starting with your bathroom renovation, it can be overwhelming. Luckily, we have put together a short checklist to follow when decoration & renovating your bathroom. Let’s take a look at some of the options we will need to cover in order to get an idea of how our bathroom remodel will look.

Things to consider when decorating your bathroom

1.Bathroom Fixtures

Bathroom fixtures don’t only cover your toilet or bathtub, but the sink and faucets as well. Make sure to ask about water consumption ratings for toilets and look for silent flush technology on them. As for bathtubs and showers, the fixtures within will depend on the type of fixture you’re going with. A standup shower can give you some room for creativity with in-wall jets and different shower fixtures. As for the sink, look for deep bowl sinks to minimize splashing of water around the countertops.

2.Bathroom Walls & Floors

Consider if you’re bathroom will be having a shower/tub or just a simple toilet and sink. By considering what you will be installing, you can then choose whether to use wallpaper or to paint. As for the floors, you might want to look into having heated tiles for bathrooms with a shower/tub.

3.Bathroom Cabinets & Countertops

Cabinets are important as they are your bathroom storage and can help keep your items out of display. As for countertops, consider whether you will be installing expensive, luxurious marble countertops or laminate. Remember, the expensive marble scratches and can become damaged over time.

4.Bathroom Lighting

Having lots of light in a bathroom is key. Also look into having a ventilation system or fan installed in the bathroom. In bathrooms with a shower, this can help with mold prevention.

5.Safety & Maintenance

Bathroom safety is very important, especially for the ones who require assistance and the elderly. There are many options available for safeguarding your bathroom against slip and falls.

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