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10 ways to improve your basement with cost effective renovation ideas

Think additional living space and people often turn towards the attic or the backyard, when the basement lies unused replete with potential.  Used mostly for storage, the basement can significantly improve the value of the home and can be converted into just about anything that you can dream of.

Being closer to earth, basements are cooler than other rooms in summer whereas in winters, they are warmer than the other rooms. So, it’s a cost effective addition. Owing to the foundation, they are quitter too. So, you can turn it into the home theater that you always wanted or a children’s playroom. However, basement renovation is not devoid of its pitfalls. If you are on a shoestring budget, then things can quickly spiral out of control.


  1. The Hangout: If you love to entertain your friends and relatives, then you can easily convert the basement into a rec room. You can either match it with the décor of the other rooms or you can make some additions of your own. Add a pool table, a big screen TV, Wi-Fi and you are all set.
  2. The Living Space: A basement can easily be converted into an additional room that can be used by family members or guests. A double bed and some basic amenities and you are all set. It’s a much more cost effective choice than adding an additional room above the ground.
  3. The Mini Bar: Did you always dream of owning your own mini-bar? There’s no better place to do it than the basement. Style it like an old British Pub, make provisions for a mini kitchen and the entertainment just got easier. This however, will be a slightly expensive option as compared to the earlier ones.
  4. The Exits: Once you have decided on what you are going to build in the basement, its time to ensure that it complies with building codes. So plan your windows and doors for the basement. It may require the services of a professional since a window well will be dug. However, it will significantly improve ventilation and light in the room.
  5. Staircase: An attractively designed staircase is an easy way to add a focal point to your basement. Ensure that it meets code and it’s safe and convenient.
  6. The Flooring: Your basement floor will most likely be of concrete and it is one of the easiest ones to cover. Cost effective options include paint, tile, carpet or vinyl. Wooden flooring is best avoided.
  7. The Walls: If you would like to retain the rustic look of the basement, then you can keep the walls as it is. But if you would like to match the look of the main floor, then you can cover the walls with a material of your choice. There are myriad options to choose from, like, plywood, paneling, paint or drywall.
  8. The Ceiling: The ungainly maze of pipes and wires in the basement ceiling can either be concealed completely with a drop ceiling or with paneling. However, if you are creative, a good coat of paint can do wonders for the look.
  9. Let there be light: There is nothing worse than a basement with poor lighting. Ensure that you have a good lighting plan in place. Use LED lights, recessed lights, table lamps and floor lamps to create the perfect ambient light.
  10. The Storage: If your basement is the catchall dumping ground for everything, then think about attractive and functional storage units that maximize space utility.



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